Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Phucking Happyend (@)
Title: Bitter Sweet Remix EP
Format: 12"
Label: Korsett/Hula Honeys (@)
Distributor: Godbrain
Rated: *****
Snapping fingers, sci-fi pad-synths, crunching claps, pitched synth-brasses and bleeping arpeggios characterize this amazing stylistical hybridization between dubstep, awry breaks, ill-hop and raving sonorities by Phucking Happyend on "Bitter Sweet", a delicious tidbit for dub-heads, which has been co-produced by Hula Honeys and the label of Korsett Kollektiv, a network of freelance, based in Luzern (Switzerland) and founded by Daniel Sommer aka Somtek, who signs one of the three remixes, which have been included in this release. While Somtek forges a remix which sounds closer to the prevalent definition od dubstep, where the heavyweight step becomes just occasionally still by means of puffed synths, Kackmusikk tempers frizzling clicks and bleeps by heady female vocals on his "Change Everything Remix" and Nicholas Schaerer aka Nikk! manages to recall those nice phat and obscure beats (I could mention some stuff by Alpha & Omega, Meteosound or Ashtech), which marked a seemingly remote phase of the crossbreed between electronic and dub, on his gorgeous "Candy Dub" remix. Really nice plaything from a new generation of dancefloor-oriented steppers.


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