Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Rapoon (@)
Title: Seeds in the Tide Volume 01
Format: CDx2 (double CD)
Label: Zoharum (@)
This new release from Zoharum is the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the moniker Rapoon. This moniker is well known for the impressive use of percussions and his legacy of the fundamental work done by Zoviet France as Robin Storey is one of their founding members. All track were faithfully restored by Maciej Bartkowiak.
This release is made by two cds: the first opened by "Fallen Gods" is completely driven by percussion and, especially in the first half, is clearly influenced by the heritage of the early experiments of Robin Storey. There's also more atmospheric tracks like "Shakaah" but the most important part of this release is from tracks like "Birethen" where the percussions are able to create a trance for the listener as they change the perception of time , The second half of this release relies on constructed ambient textures as in "Exodus" while "Recant" seems a sort of exception with his dark drone but, in fact, is an introduction for the second cd.
"Messianic Ghosts Originals" is the reissue of a CDR and is viewable as a long suite in four part where drone and effects create a fascinating soundscape with at least one amazing track "Babel's Tongues" where loops and drones are in dialectical positions.
This release could be quite outdated in the overall sound, as his most recent track is of 15 years ago, but is valuable as a portrait of one of the artist that has done the history of post-industial music and it depict his fundamental qualities. This release has no rating as it's quite essential.


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