Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Richard Chartier (@)
Title: Recurrence
Format: CD
Label: Line (@)
Rated: *****
Line is undoubtedly one of the miliar stones for audiophiles with a passion for digital minimalism since its preambles and this release by its founder Richard Chartier comes back to the spark which lighted its story up 12 years ago and 58 releases ago. His "Series" has teasonably considered one of the most majestic sonic monument on the pokey borderlines between silence and sound (or I'd better say between silence and Tinnitus!), which got performed before a very restricted and selected lucky audience on live stage just ten years after its official release. "Recurrence" cannot be considered a proper new album by Richard Chartier, as it is a sort of reprise of "Series", where the original nine untitled tracks have been melded in one long-lasting track after a further smoothing of frequencies, a sort of suite where, even if the sounds that marked "Series" are quite recognizable, their chiselling borders on the fiendish research for perfection so that each single sound sneaks in listener's ears like a subcutaneous imperceptible jab and each sonic stream got atomized in order to be easily discernable for listeners themselves. This impressive sample of sonic surgery has been preceded by a sort of 21-minutes lasting bonus track in the opening of the record, "Recurrence (Room/Crosstones)", where this master craftsman dabbles in small-scale variations of ultra-low basses. I cannot but reccomend to listen it by means of headphones or hi-fi sound systems which manage to render sounds (particularly bass frequencies) over a "passable" level.