Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Plastic Noose (@)
Title: Zu Allen
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This Scottish Electro/Industrial project was one of the revelations available on the both Juggernaut Services-compilations 'Moving Mountains' and 'Calming Cyclones', so thanks to the help of Mr. Nick Quarm I'll be able to take a listen to this promising debut release. Plastic Noose consists mainly of Alan Emslie responsible for all musically requirements and decisions. He receives here and there the helping hand of David Irvine providing some snatching guitar riffs. 'Zu Allen' is a 7-track mini-album, which includes both Juggernaut-compilation appearances 'Road To Perdition' and of course the title-track 'Zu Allen'. The music of Plastic Noose reminds pretty much on the work of some Industrial-/Coldwave-artists active mostly during the mid-90ies in the USA: Carbon 12, early-16 Volt, Society Burning, Hate Dept. and related can be called quells of inspiration, although Plastic Noose manages hard to offer authenticity with the integration of darker, more haunting song structures ('Snow King', 'Before The Lord'). This works out generally quite well: the music has a raw foundation thanks to the often pitched and fx-manipulated bass-guitar performance of Alan, plus his natural, mostly very angry sounding vocals are fitting excellent to create his own sound environment. Both compilation appearances can be called to be the highlights of this album, but also 'Lie Back' with its marching snare drum performance, or the more than 9 minutes striking and through different moods stalking last tune 'This Is Not A Game' are worth to mention. 'Zu Allen' is a crafty produced debut of a promising up and coming artist, who has been clever enough to see a niche, where he could fill in his talent the best. Plastic Noose does not produce stuff for the faint-hearted audience expecting the smoothness of a Pop-Music related song structure. But if you have the will to take a trip into a dark and cold sounding Industrial- / Coldwave-experience, you'll be able to discover these 7 pearls provided by this talented artist.