Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Horror Vacui
Title: In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
Format: 12"
Label: Avant! Records
Rated: *****
Horror Vacui are a band who formed recently in Bologna, Italy. The band members are coming from the crust/hardcore scene (see the bands Kontatto, Campus Sterminii and Sumo) and fascinated by 80s goth and punk rock, decided to "release the bats" and to play mixing elements of Sisters of Mercy, Lords of the New Church and a bit of Misfits, I'd say. Their first album "In Darkness You Will Feel Alright" has just been co-produced by Avant! and band's own Legion of the Dead (sublabel of Agipunk). Opening with the classic "Rosemary's Baby" theme, the album starts off with "Black Rivers" a powerful 4/4 track with tribal drums, strong guitar riffs and bouncing flanger bass guitar lines just to keep on going on a similar track until the end of the album. Personally I've nenver been a fan of goth aesthetic and I think that it's really difficult for a nowaday's band to succeed into re-defining a genre which is so rooted to a specific period and I don't see it possible to revive something like the Batcave scene or so. Horror Vacui, to me, sound powerful and melodic but I don't find them catchy. For sure it's my fault and it's possible that I'm missing something but to my ears their sound isn't fresh. Since it's only a question of taste, you can make your own opinion by checking their album at the label's Bandcamp page at http://avantrecords.bandcamp.com/album/horror-vacui-in-darkness-you-will-feel-alright-lp


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