Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Artist: Laurel Halo (@)
Title: Sunlight on the Faded
Format: 12"
Label: Hyperdub
Rated: *****
After the critically acclaimed Quarentine, American sound-artist Ina Cube aka Laurel Halo manages to boggle listener's by means of this little lovely plaything which seems to link the above-mentioned album with her previous repertory and a palette of sounds, which seems to bridge the gap between old-fashioned British chilling trance of the second half of 90ies (I could mention System 7, Weatherhall's Slab, Mark Pritchard's Reload or some stuff by Kirsty Hawkshaw and Hartnoll Brothers) and contemporary declensions of garage house, which some reviewers dubbed post-dubstep, a sonic synthesis which has been marvelously rendered on "Sunlight on the Faded", whose lyrics could sometimes sound like a caption of her sound. The computational process of such an emotional sonic translation starts with the jangling of digital bo-peeps and procedes by wobbly low-pitched burbling, refreshing pads, loops of airy percussive bubbles and sonic entities which look like mirroring sudden blossoming as if they were unforeseen memory glitches of rewarming past feelings so that it seems to resound Laurel Halo's repeated words "Only the best memories stay/ I just want those on loop forever". There's also a bright dub version on B-side with no lyrics, whose light and shade dynamics implement a surefire uplifter.


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