Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Artist: Akira Kosemura (@)
Title: It's On Everything +
Format: CD
Label: Someone Good (@)
Rated: *****
I already received and reviewed the first edition of this lovely release by young Tokyo-based composer Akira Kosemura, together with a bunch of nice releases from his label Schole, on the Italian web-zine I cannot but confirm my opinion on it after that I've listened this enhanced edition (it includes two more tracks and just some little variation on the tracklist): the piano-driven micromelodies and the tranquil atmosphere recorded by drop-like crystalline sounds and field recordings of sketches which sound like grabbed in a Japanese garden of the initial "Orgel" immediately enmeshes the listener into a contemplative and somewhat beatific dimension by means of modified chimes, plunking harmonies, sonic paintings of school playground, quiet urban parks and everyday life which seems to evoke the balance between nature and technology, one of the most fascinating "genetical" peculiarity of contemporary Japanese culture and civilization, unobtrusive electroacoustic inserts and entrancing organic melodies, which sounds like self-sustaining after the first sparkling chords. You could almost surmise that there's an intrinsic and intentional restriction of the function of the musician/author, who turns himself into a sort of enzyme of spontaneous musical processes in order to accelerate and assist a sort of symbiosis between music, surrounding (real or imagined) environment and listener, which are going to "coagulate" stroke after stroke. Akira Kosemura offers an enveloping listening experience: I recommended its fruition 4 years ago and I cannot but recommend it today.