Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Transfer (@)
Title: Øe
Format: CD
Label: Murmur (@)
Rated: *****
According to the linear notes this release is inspired by "the numerical representation of life and the sensorial stimulation, achieved by combining data into binary format, replaces human primordial needs [..] Transfer is a sonic reflection about all affective phenomena which come out by the use of digital interfaces". Honestly, it's true that digital sharing and recording of things is an important part of our life but, instead of similar (in intention) works ad Ikeda's "data.matrix" where musical output is indivisible from the artwork from his comprehension, musically speaking this album is a filtered drone oriented release similar to the last outputs from Stephan Mathieu as it share the same research for dreamy soundscapes.
"February - Seek" opens this release with a gentle drone slowly evolving and colored by subtle small noises. "Seadawn - .Ksd" is based evocative samples above the carefully constructed soundscape featuring also an orchestral initial tuning. The first minutes of "Sad - Jitter" are constructed with noises until the drone fill the musical infrastructure. "Hatsuyuki - D Quant", the longest track of this release, is constructed upon four drones that sequentially enter the canvas until the last slowly ends.
This release doesn't follow any new territories but it's carefully written and produced that it will be enjoyed by all fans of this kind of musical research. Recommanded.