Friday, July 3, 2020
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Artist: Phil Tangent (@)
Title: Restitution/Squaring The Circle
Format: 12"
Label: Soul:r
Rated: *****
Brighton native dnb producer and dj P.Winn aka Phil Tangent reinforces the firm belief by many dnb followers about the beaming moment of his musical creativity by means of another pair of winning shots for Markus Intalex's Soul:r. "Restitution" manages to ventilate listener's eardrums and minds with daydreaming suspensive synth-pads, uplifting sounds, exstatic female vocals and propelling beats, the hastening element for the headphones-driven sublime ascension which could be experienced by listeners. Such an ascension is going to be followed by the sonic sideslip of "Squaring The Circle", where this bad boy pours absorbing phat bumps, airy trumpets and sourer basslines, whose counterbalances for flotation are some dazing and dazzling vocals by Bjork. A real touch of finesse to the scene, which is going to be rolled over by a lot of dnb djs.


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