Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Inter-Connection: Life

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Artist: Inter-Connection
Title: Life
Format: CD
Label: A Different Drum
Rated: *****
"Life" is the third album by Inter-Connection and it's their second one to be released on the A Different Drum's VIP series. As for the other releases of this series, three hundred copies have been printed, two hundred sent to the subscribers plus one hundred have been delivered to the band. Inter-Connection are formed by three members who live in three different countries and whom write their music sharing sounds and ideas through the net. Revital Ben Hemo, vocals, is from Acco/Israel, Giuseppe Calandrini, vocals and lyrics, is from Rome/Italy and Rene' Tebbe, composer, producer, synths, is from Hannover/Germany. I read on their Facebook page that they already have finished their fourth album "Strange World" and that they are looking for a label, but let's focus on "Life" now... The album contains twelve tracks and one remix (to tell the truth I dunno if they sent me some extra tracks as the rear album cover on their website has eleven tracks on it) and it's in balance from catchy synth-pop with dance influences, electronic melancholic ballads and cool dark electro pop tunes. The album opens with one catchy one sung by Revital, titled "Synthetic Love". This one, along with "Tie Me Up" (one of the dancey ones), "Traveling" and "How Do You Feel" for me are the highlights of the album but there are also tracks like "Nightmare" (an electro ebm/synth pop monster made out of hard beats and bouncy bass lines), "Red Lights" (a nice synthpop song in balance from 80s and 90s) or "Gone Bad" (an electro dance anthem sounding so Swedish 90s synthpop) which will satisfy your synthpop needs.


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