Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Elettrocapra (@)
Title: L'avvento della grande bestia
Format: CD
Label: ITU Conspiracy (@)
Rated: *****
This time UTU Conspiracy publishes the first cd from this band from Florence that mix caustic lyrics with aggressive and complex music developments. The band is honest enough to admit the influence of Butthole Surfers and Primus and able enough to be not a mere copy.
"Kimberly" opens this release with an enjoyable noise rock. "Fried Mangusta" change tempo and, so, is able to maintain the attention of the listener. "La mazurca della rivoltella" is a fast tempo tune while "Borisboy" is an instrumental interlude where the Primus influence is perhaps too obvious but it works. "Giacca nova" is, instead, a slow tempo melting pot of '50 crooner music and experimental rock. "Motron" return to punk rock with an aggressive attitude. "Sex for robots" is a mid tempo track that would need a more careful production while "Silvana" reveal the technical abilities of the musician involved. "Burning lady" is a mid tempo complex chill out for the final track of this album "Prêt à porter", a fast final assault.
Honestly I believe this album is a complete surprise as a debut album and is truly recommended to all fans of the genre and for the music curious.

p.s.: as for the Gargamella album there's a secret a final joke track at the end of the album so it's better not to stop the cd player as the music ends.


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