Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Still Light (@)
Title: Rosarium
Format: CD
Label: Tonefloat (@)
Rated: *****
Schmalzy, ineluctably melancholic, somewhat harrowing emotions like the unavoidability of a deep sorrow related to a loss that cannot be filled in spite of any temporary exorcism stay afloat on this intriguing album by Colorado-based talented musician and leading vocalist Kirill Nikolai, who gives the listener not the usual grit of sadness, which could sound too stodgy for those ones in search of some escapism within music. Even if you could imagine music notation on the staff could have been written by salt furtive tears, suddenly sprung while on exctasy (!), while listening, you'll easily notice that it seems that Still Light's music runs on a double track: lyrics often translate what music manages to say by its own and this aspect sounds clear since the initial "Bough", where rich vocals burst on the scene just after suspensive ghostly choirs, an evocative pan flute and a pale guitar anticipating an icy cello speak by themselves. "A Thing Buried" seems to describe a scene of burial through entrancing guitar arpeggios which weaves a dark-folk medieval sad ballad and a sort of dumb drone and the transitional relief, which has been inspired by the calming stillness of a snowy landscape on the lovely song "The Cross Of Snow" (the astonishing voice by Irish folk singer Carol Anne McGowan accentuates such an emotional atmosphere), cannot dam entrancing the emotional effluvium by Kirill, which reaches the highest stylistical peak in the two absorbing parts of "Processional" - the first one could evoke a gradual acceptance of a loss (the music sounds as warm as a friendly hug or slap for condolences), whereas the second one sounds like an intimate angelic lullaby (closer to ambient-tinged exstatic folk by primordial Sigur Ros or Eluvium) -, before the final redemption on "Rosary", where Kirill seems to sing the recovered beauty and balance after such an intense grief.


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