Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay (@)
Title: CelebrAction
Format: CDx3 (triple CD)
Label: Selenophonia (@)
Rated: *****
This box is an anthology of the first twenty years of this musical project. Apart for his collectable value, is a 2cd pack plus 1 mini cd and other gadget as poster, the track are divided with a clear criterion. The first cd is for the first experiment and the more accessible track, the second is for the more musically structured track and the third is a noise experiment. So it's not a classic best of anthology but it should be regarded as a collection of unedited tracks and weird experiments of the early period of this artist.
The first cd starts with a bunch of track based upon recognizable records cited with humor and/or honor, "Gilda" with his beats marks the passage from the first almost easy listening tracks to the experimental part of this box set. "Koji Tano Tribute" is noise experiment with the first idea that will properly be developed in the mini-cd. "Woodworms" deals with layered sound of insects.
The second cd is of a completely different construction as is based around the long tracks: "Fragment from a recycled Empternity" is 7 part reconstruction of "Emptermity" release and is an always searching for a balance experiment around dark ambient ("part 1", "part 4", "part 6") and noise ("part 2", "part 3", "part 7"). "Devocalizzi" is instead the personal visions of sound poetry of the author and is, as these are tracks for the first experimente, not completely focused in his direction but quite enjoyable. "inFORMAL" is a series of J. Cage inspired experiment around everyday sounds (220V AC, Telephone ring etc) treated with the sense of play of the most eccentrics page of the american composer.
The mini-cd is greatly noise-oriented and different from the previous cd, unfortunately these are the only survived track of a much longer track as, even if this is truly heavy music, probably also the best constructed of this release.
This release is impressive in the variety of the experimental languages explored even if there's not a true part of this release that someone could speak about a masterpiece. However, for all fans of experimental sounds, this a good introduction for the work of this artist.


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