Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Artist: KoldVoid (@)
Title: Roadside Ghosts
Format: CD
Label: Valse Sinistre (@)
Rated: *****
Releases like this one by Romanian project KoldVoid are normally filed under the eerie label "ghost ambient". If I have to accept such an occult way of labelling music on the basis of the suggested paraphrase of the title of this collection of tracks recorded between 2008 and 2011, I'd say this music appeals with the portraits of so benevolent and almost seducing phantasmagoric entities that you could wish to meet them while hitch-hiking by the roadside in spite of the addition of somewhat disquieting French clips from noir movies and the cryptic intro, which could be imagined coming from those iconic horror-style organs with keys made from finger bones. The first tracks sound not so dissimilar from other repertories belonging to this branch of ambient such as those ones by Svartsinn, Northaunt or Desiderii Marginis, but the appearance of a guitar on "Phantasma" and of a faint piano on the following "Nostalgia" anticipates the cinematic hooks, which will be clearer in following moments of the recordings, the ones I honestly prefer just for the resemblances of the notorious Twin Peaks' soundtrack by Badalamenti and Lynch when KoldVoid reaches the stylistical zenith with highly immersive and entrancing tracks such as the sweet intimacy of "Ephemeral", the glimmering paleness of "Arctic Silence", the spoooky charm of "Eyes Of The Bottom-People" - sounding like some squeeze of Tor Lundvall's music - or the thrilling chillness of "Sailing Without Sails". This album could be perfect to drive during a foggy night. I'm pretty sure some mist-shrouded ghost could make an appearance, especially if you boozed all night long...


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