Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Autistici (@)
Title: Beneath Peaks
Format: CD
Label: Hibernate (@)
Rated: *****
This record is one of the most enigmatic of my recent listenings and its mysterious opening puts listeners in a unexplainable quandary: how's possible that Sheffield-based sound designer David Newman manages to sleep and snore so blissfully in spite of the remarkable hullabaloo by all those birds?!? Jokes apart, this fascinating sonic journey offered by the artistic identity of Audiobulb label-owner through the breathtaking spots of Peak District, one of the most enchanting region of Northern England, covering Northern Derbyshire and parts of Cheshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Greater Manchester, and base of the first national park in United Kingdom, begins with the nice "Asleep Beneath Nests", recorded while David was resting at Fieldhead campsite, and go on over suggestive airy abstract ambient tracks, mostly spotted by field recordings grabbed during his explorative walks. The awakening in the small village of Edale ("Edall"), the intense activity of climbers and paragliding maniacs with noises of hammering and gear nearby Mam Tor hill ("Mam Tor Soarers' Workshop"), the thuds on the boulders melting with the sound of the breeeze and the luminous trembling of solar rays over the trees in the idyllic walking over Burbage Brook ("Padley Gorge"), the incredible subterranean acoustic of Blue John Cavern ("Mulgrave's Dining Room") are just some of the moments of this pleasant sonic travelguide of places in the heart of United Kingdom I was lucky to have visited some years ago, whose memory has been vividly rekindled by Autistici's release. I cannot but thank David Newman for this sweet reverie as well as recommend the listening of this great ambient souvenir.


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