Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Schizoid (@)
Title: The Next Extreme
Format: CD
Label: D-Trash records (@)
Rated: *****
Canadian D-Trash records released one of my own records in 2009 and so when in the mail came the D-Trash release from the label's mastermind Schizoid himself, I could not send it off to my amazing contributors and had to take the time out of my crazy busy days to review it myself.
Thirteen years after his speed core debut "Enough is Enough" and after a long compositional hiatus, Schizoid returns with his 3rd full length album "The Next Extreme", which is basically digital hardcore taken to its most extreme limits of speed and brutality. Verging on black/grind metal and breakcore, "The Next Extreme" is basically about as far you can take the digital hardcore genre and still call it that.
Schizoid throws 16 abrasive, fast, violent and harsh tracks at you with the same delicacy that a charging rhino would panzer-speed through a china shop, the china shop being your life of course. His lyrics (d)evolved from political criticism to misanthropism, with most songs covering the hardship of life, the disdain for the blatantly ignorant bystanders of our civilization and death that is all around us and hovering above us.
The album features a ton of guest appearances by long time D-Trash friends such as Babylon Disco, The First Seed, The Named, Phallus Uber Alles, Angel Enemy, Alex B from Leech Woman, No Brigade, Jul!e D:stroy, DK Dance, Dirty Fingers Licked, Luna Seaux, Junkie Kut, Robot(a), Hansel, Drugzilla, Celebrity Dead; and I believe Schizoid when he explains that these cameos are not for marketing purposes but to highlight the camaraderie that exists in this scene and around this label.
Certainly not for everyone but if you need to be shaken awake or you are looking for the next extreme, look no further!


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