Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Artist: Magnetica Arts Lab (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Maldoror Records (@)
Rated: *****
Arnaldo Pontis has been long active in the Italian, and specifically Sardinian, audio and visual scene. He's also very political, outspokenly libertarian, distinguishably provocative and doesn't believe in mass production of goods, Therefore all of his productions are available freely as a download but also as an unconventionally packaged limited edition physical edition. In this case, Magnetica Arts Lab's self-titled CD comes in a DVD casing with Shepard Fairey artwork, easily recognizable by the yellow, black and red colors that made him famous. The front cover has an almost Nazi Germany SS vibe to it, which nicely adds to the provocation layers of this artist, who is clearly NOT in that world but loves to push people's buttons and provoke visually, and not just sonically.
Musically, this 10 track CD will take you on a pretty low key trip, for the most part, through mellow electronic suites, occasionally juxtaposed by louder and more abrasive industrial tracks. The CD is mostly instrumental, although there are a lot of vocal samples intertwined with the music throughout. There's definitely also a dark veil of somber moodiness being cast over the whole production, which I enjoy.
The listening experience flows nicely and presents plenty of interesting moments but the repetitive nature of this type of anti-song-structure loop-based composition sometimes fails to develop enough to take you from enjoyability to engagement. Nevertheless a good album all in all.
If you like what you read, you can download this album for free from the artist's website but if you want to support or own the beautiful artwork head on over to their website and purchase a copy from them.


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