Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Twins Natalia / Marsheaux
Title: Radial Emotion / When We Were Young
Format: 7"
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
Here I am to talk to you about a split single, co-produced by Anna Logue and Undo Records, with two bands: Marsheaux and Twins Natalia. Marsheaux are a duo coming from Greece and as far as I know none of us at CHAIN D.L.K. ever had the chance to release any of their three albums. Formed by Marianthi Melitsi and Sophia Sarigiannidou, Marsheaux released their latest album three years ago for Undo Records in Greece and Out Of Line for the rest of the world. They produce a blend of synthpop with powerful sounds which sometimes remember e.b.m. or electro music. I already talked about Twins Natalia, because I reviewed their first single "When We Were Young" in 2008. The band is formed by Steve Lippert, Marc Schaffer, from Anna Logue Records, plus Sharon Abbott, Julie Ruler and Dave Hewson of Poeme Electronique. This split single presents two songs which have already been released: "When We Were Young" was on the first Twins Natalia 7" and "Radial Emotion" have been released on the Marsheaux "Lumineux Noir" album in 2009. This time, the two bands covered the other's band song. If you know the original version of the track, you'll remember the rich analog sounds palette they used. Well, Marsheaux kept the upbeat atmosphere slowing a bit the rhythm and gave to it a dreamy touch plus they used their electro synthpop distinctive arrangement. Twins Natalia, ideally, took "Radial Emotion" and made it time travel back to the early 80s: the sound is made by fat bass lines as well by chirpy sounds. Sharon and Julie did a great job with their vocals and they boys created a cool web of arpeggios and catch synth solos. The single is housed in an additional cardboard slipcase embossed with the record labels' logos and track details. This aren't just covers...


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