Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Jeff Carey
Title: Interrupt-Decay
Format: CD
Label: CWnil (@)
Rated: *****
One of the best digital noise album which has recently been spilled from my headphones is this sort of debut release by Jeff Carey. It's not so proper to speak about a debut as Jeff is not a newbie at all, as he mainly poured his sonic art in many acclaimed projects - the most known is maybe Skif++, an eclectic abstract sonic and visual project, co-signed by Robert van Heumen and Bas Van Koolwijk, which has been propelled by Jeff's talent and passion on SuperCollider, an open-source dynamic programming language for real-time audio synthesis and Jeff's fad! - and is one of the key musician of Amsterdam-based N-Collective, a pool of musicians which focuses on electronic compositions and improv acoustics, considered as the new frontier of musical research. I'd say the listening of "Interrupt/Decay" is more fascinating as trained listeners will recognise Jeff applies compositional techniques to noises he wisely patterns. The fact there's a placement of noises (and silences as's really fun alternation of noises and silence on the fourth track "Struct") which is not so dissimilar from the placement of punctuation and tones on staff, doesn't mean there are not any sonic spurs for more or less raving mental fancies: the initial "Lag" is quite close to the noise you could hear on a train compartment with wide-open window when it runs under a tunnel, the sounds of the following track "Chop" let me imagine Jeff while preparing a cocktail with an assortment of molten metals and the lucky taster sucking in with a special straw due to some sonic similaraties with the noise you can hear when drawing from an almost empty juice box and other tracks have sounds who reminded some vintage home computers' sounds - some of you could imagine the overhaul of Atari or Commodore F1 car after a road accident while listening to "Step" and its troublesome test on "1F" -, a fancy which could be injected after I read Mr.Carey composed "Interrupt/Decay" by using a gaming keypad and joystick to control his laptop (!)...if you think my associations could validate an admission to mental hospital, I cannot imagine how you are going to label those ones by a friend who occasionally entered into my room while listening to this release, who thought about the attempt at chewing meatballs stuffed with pins by some unlucky person or at immortalizing the wedding between two storm catchers in love by a camera from inside an hurricane. Joking aside, Jeff's precision in cutting frequencies and place them on the pattern is really remarkable. Have a listen.


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