Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Roberto Fega (@)
Title: Daily Visions
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Roberto Fega's "Daily Visions" cannot be considered an easy listening both for the technique he uses to agglutinate a number of sketches and reprises and for the hints within his record, which looks like an attempt of saving from oblivion by "punching" ordinary dimension with political statements and urgent cultural battles, so that it seems that "Daily Visions" sounds like a plot whose unwinding runs parallel to momentuous events, inserted by means of what he defines "audio interludes" (voices from Occupy Wall Street, immigrants in Lampedusa, recordings and reports taken from Greek riots and Manchester turmoils, passages taken from an interview to Zygmunt Bauman and movie "Nowegian Wood" based on Murakami's book), and a gradual and sore consciousness rising, partially enfranchised just within intimate (still free) spaces like the ones evoked by the initial "Apnee d'amore/Breath-hold loving" and the final track "Ricordi mai sopiti/Unburied memories", the one I liked most for the daydreaming interaction of palpitating reversed liquid sounds by Fega with the entrancing sound of Francesco Lo Cascio's vibraphone. Whereas his style seems to be fenced by electro-acoustic improvisational music, sonic collagism (close to some cinematic stuff coming from Japanese scene, based on bizarre and somewhat disquieting sonic "hyphenations" - I particularly enjoyed the ones in "Per un finale diverso/For a different ending" and "In Exion", a track based on the reading of a poem by Jennifer Scappettone -, or small interesting labels such as Raabenstein's Nonine) and some jazz standards for trumpets - wisely turned into something mindblowing by talented trumpet player Ersilia Prosperi -, the conceptual framework could be summarized by Roberto's dedications (including the ones to Robert Wyatt, Berlin, Joe Strummer's "The Future Is Unwritten" and all political, cultural and artistic antagonisms of this world), which seal this sort of musical ekphrasis of something which has not happened yet overall.


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