Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Survive: Survive LP

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Artist: Survive
Title: Survive LP
Format: 12"
Label: Mannequin Records (@)
Distributor: bandcamp
Rated: *****
It is always so refreshing to the soul, when one is presented with music so pure and real that transcends genre boundaries and limitations. A fine example is the 'SURVIVE LP' by the Austin,TX based full - analogue - synth quartet S U R V I V E (out now on vinyl via Mannequin records). Of course, the use of analogue synthesizers is obvious throughout and essential to the overall character of the sound. The nine tracks of the album managed to captivate me and lift me up into a floating state, and i would say the album is better experienced through headphones.
Starting off with 'Deserted Skies', a heavy weight synth introduction that sets the pace for what follows. 'Floating Cube' comes in with a driving bass and gradually builds up with beautiful pads leading to the third track 'To Light Alone I Bow' which is a mellow synth interval. 'Hourglass' is the first highlight of the album with a heavy dark dreamwave vibe with 80s drums and atmosphere that heightens the feeling even more when 'Omniverse' kicks in. Beautiful little sequences drive the track, building up with arpeggiators and lush pads into an almost epic fade out of SIDE A.
Moving on, SIDE B, opens with the stunning 'Black Mollies' and drives the listener down a deep 'dark italo' path that marks the second 'highlight track' of the album, with beautiful synth sequences and lush pads as it goes along. it is followed by 'Scalar Wave' a dreamy creamy 'synth wave' of a track that carries the listener along, enhances and underlines the impact of 'Black Mollies'. 'Shunting Yard', come in next which feels like a minimal synth introduction to 'Dirge', the last track of SIDE B, a reverb - drenched synth epic that seems like a perfect way to finish the album. The lo-fi feel of the whole production and the 80s vibes that flow throughout, make it a timeless piece of work with references to the past and the future. It feels like floating in space on your own... lonely but wonderful.
After playing the album many times, i would say that it is an elegant work of art, that leaves the listener wanting more.