Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Axel Doerner, Urs Leimgruber, Robert Landfermann, Christian Lillinger
Title: Dorner Leimgruber Landfermann Lillinger
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
On a dreary day in October 2008 in Cologne, a group of talented musicians edged everything about their day (traffic, bad weather, any acrimony or disappointing chats with ignorant and casual interlocutor about crisis, politics or could imagine such a preface) and decided to meet in a loft in order to exorcize reality for a while and looking for freedom in music at least. Similar attempt to kill boredom could be quite common, you could argue, but it's less common that four important representatives of the improvisational and free jazz scene - Axel Doerner (trumpet, electronics), Urs Leimgruber (saxophone), Robert Landfermann (double bass) and Christian Lillinger (drums) - meet together in a place and the result of such a rendez-vous could not be but surprising. The first tracks sound like a sort of warm-up so that no instrument gets drowned by other ones, some nice performing experiments (particularly on winds) can be easily distinguished, but the ultralow bass tone, which ends the second track, "ammmmmmmmm" (the only difference between the titles is the number of "m"s following the "a"...), seems to overheat the atmosphere and even if the third track starts with a not so different cue, based on cheeping saxophone, trumpet hiccuping, close mic recording of puffs, the sound progressively becomes more and more bombastic with the "awakening" of drums, heavier panting and more nervous plucking on the bass strings before the first spluttering sparkles of the fourth track, "ammmmmmmmmmmmm", where both the bass and the trumpet sound like hinting at some jazz standard phrasing. Henceforward a gradual crescendo will overwhelm the listener through involving free jazz explosions, which show the command of different musicians with very complex rhythmical structures, whirling in infections drumming fury, which sounds like strangling winds, whose sonic grand mal could remind the desperate convulsions of someone fighting against a straightjacket!


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