Monday, June 1, 2020
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Shrine: Somnia

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Artist: Shrine (@)
Title: Somnia
Format: CD
Label: Cyclic Law (@)
Rated: *****
Shrine is the new album from Hristo Gospodinov and, according to the press notes is intended as "a complex audio metaphor that can be interpreted as an aural equivalent of a "low level" lucid dreamstate". This means an almost complex dark ambient based on soundscape chosen mostly for their evocative quality.
"The Grand Design" opens this release with some field recordings juxtaposed to a quiet soundscape floating between the two audio channel cradling the listener. "Immersion" relies in a darker and menacing drone while "Lost Beauty" is a soundscape based upon relatively high frequency noises coloring an, almost apparently, quiet field recording. "Somnia", the longest track of this release, is reminiscent of the audio spectrum and noises heard on a boat or on a beach. "The Iron Water" is a quiet soundscape while "Dream Captured In Stone", the shortest track of the album, seems a glitch experiment based on the samples collected for the other tracks. "Ruins" set a noisy environment until "On The Edge Of The Void" close the album returning to the atmospheres already seen in other tracks.
As the cover suggests (oddly enough is a truly visual expression of the musical content) this album relies on almost oceanic field recordings that set the mood for an OST of some movie based of aquatic fauna or a documentary. For fans of evocative sound this release is a recommended one.