Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: Season two
Format: CD
Label: Solar Ipse Audio House (@)
Rated: *****
Shame on me, I should have reviewed this one a long time ago, but there's no excuse, so I just can say I'm sorry. Here we've the debut release of this new label run by the guy who's behind Solar Ipse, one of the the few printed fanzine still kicking in Italy and without any doubt one of the few interesting printed matter you can read if you can speak italian. The debut work of the label is a guitar plus drum duo, Ninni Morgia has a respectable solo, he's also collaborated with people like William Parker, but he's also paid duty in La Otracina, White Tornado, Right Moves and a plethora of other bands. Marcello Magliocchi is an unconventional drummer/percussionist that played with many people from the radical free/off jazz circuit. This' the second time they join their sticks and strings and follow the footsteps of their early collaboration on Ultramarine records. This recording is basically evolving around free-noise as you know it, so if that's your cup of tea you better look for it, since they definitely know how to play, since Morgia goes straight like an arrow toward his own way and Magliocchi is a very versatile drummer he can play psychedelic mantras, free jazz or experimental music with his own personal post Seventies unique style. It's an odd release sometimes it hits your nostril like an uppercut, sometimes it's more misty and warm. As I've said, if you're into this style of music, go for it you will dig it for sure.