Monday, August 3, 2020
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Arzt + Pfusch: Lictor Evaporated

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Artist: Arzt + Pfusch
Title: Lictor Evaporated
Format: CD
Label: Complete Control Productions (@)
Distributor: Sound Pollutions Distribution
Rated: *****
The signing of one of Denmark's most recognized Electro/Industrial projects can be seen as a big step of growing for the roster of the Swedish Complete Control Productions label. 'Lictor Evaporated' is their new output and this one does not only surprise musically. It is the first physically available release of them since the last 11 years, and Der Doktor is back! After their first both albums 'Warum?' and 'Love' Der Doktor has left his partner in crime, Dr. A-Funz, and this successful project for good. In 2007 Arzt + Pfusch have released their freely available digital-only album 'S.I.C.K.', which has at least seen more than 16.000 downloads. Now back and with both band members united, Arzt + Pfusch went over to Sweden's CCP label to release this 8-tracker, which is an outstanding example of a Dark Electro album. Musically the both doctors could integrate a rather demanding, orchestral, nearly Neo-Classic influence into their good old 'noisebmstupidevildustrial' (that's how they call it'¦) music. 'Fall of an Empire' is the opener here and integrates these different styles to a well-sounding melange. The raw and slightly distorted Dark Electro-like patterns go hand in hand with opulent string soundscapes. This track is ' as usual for CCP ' also available as a 2-track download-only item available at all major digital music stores. Even a bit more into this direction turns 'Flæsh Mangler', this one gets cleverly integrated pauses to let the fine produced string-arrangements take effect on you. 'Mars Pattern II' is then a kind of revival, because this one can be seen as being the most comparable tune to their classic, club-leading tracks like 'Anal Toothbrush', 'Boneloc' or 'Skumfuk'. Arzt + Pfusch have grown and developed in their specific style. Luckily this flawless album acts like the ideal comeback of this Dansih veteran project. More than this, it completely impresses with its ominous, but also raw and tough produced Dark Electro-onslaught and has to be called to one of the highlights of the past half year!


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