Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: SCENTED MEAT (@)
Title: Music for visual art
Format: CD
Label: Mah, Boh, Oib? (@)
Scented Meat is Giuseppe Leali, already reviewed as Il Salotto di Nonna Speranza (see archive), bass-player and experimental music agitator with his diy label and distribution Mah, Boh, Oibò?. As the title suggests, these three tracks (coming from 100% improvised guitar and bass solo sessions) are a complement to visual installations by the sculptor Massimo Giuliano and Leali himself. "Altered interference 1" is mainly feedbacks and amps noises with a kind of environmental reverb/delay giving a sense of spatiality; I think it's the best track of the work. "Altered interference 2" is pure feedback hisses in their rawer form. "Not at all" is a bass improvisation, sort of quieter stuff similar to the Nonna Speranza cd. The cd is "voluntarily annoying", and besides that I'd be curious of seeing what kind of visual art it was meant to accompany. Approach only if you like extreme improvised sadomasochism.


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