Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Edwin Van Der Heide
Title: Wavescape
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Staalplaat (@)
Distributor: Forced Exposure & Solielmoon (US), These Records (UK), Metamkine (FR), Demos (IT), Rotor (SP), Coldlands (RU), Digital Narcis (JAP), De Konkurrent (NL), Lowlands (BE), Target (D)
One of the greatest issues in accurately presenting sound installations that have taken place somewhere sometime, especially when it comes to specific multi-speaker installation, is the translation from the original acoustical environment to the mere two channels of the traditional stereo CDs. "Wavescape" for example uses two microphone's sources, when the original concept behind the project was to actually use a linear array of 24 hydrophones so to give a physical dimension to the movement and the sound taking place underwater. After Moby's "Underwater" record, 33 year old Dutch Sonologie-graduated Edwin van der Heide took it up on himself to try to define the sonics of Rotterdam's Nieuwe Maas river's depths on the waterside, not by simply amplifying what the hydrophones were picking up, but by also representing it linearly. To be considered is that sound in water travels faster than in air, but still the underwater sound space and the spatial shape of the waves can be re-created quite faithfully with this method. In one 20 minute long track you'll be able to hear slow and cumbersome container ships, speedy ferries, cab boats from the New York hotel and other water taxies. If you like what you hear the talented and creative Van Der Heide is also to be seen in the Sensorband line up (together with Karkowski), and in a trio with Boddedijk and Welmer.