Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Nordvargr: Awaken

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Artist: Nordvargr (@)
Title: Awaken
Format: CD
Label: Eibon & Code 666 (@)
Co-produced by Eibon and Code 666, "Awaken" is the latest fatigue by Swedish MZ412's mastermind under the Nordvargr moniker. He explores the darkest realms of ambient music, mostly by ringing long notes and obscuring your vision with rumbling deep drones, subsonic material, occasional doom guitars, ritualistic noises, thick ambience, deep unholy processed voices, screams from the dead, ultra slow and down pitched mechanic industrial hammering, windy and Nordic soundscapes, catacomb-like reverbs, grand deep sounds and slow or un-existing pace, church bells and other blaspheme stuff like that. With this release he continues his long legacy of dark death industrial (which some also called black goat ritual noise, in reference to his black metal roots and his anti-Christian attitude and philosophy).