Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Horror Vacui (@)
Title: Black rivers Demo 2011
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Music styles come and go, there's going to be a second chance for anything, and even a third, fourth... one. Actually goth has never disappeared but in the last few years I've seen several people related to the punk scene attempting to use their skills in that field. Bands like Deathcharge, Lost Tribe or The Estranged might be kinda outsiders to the "official" goth scene, but their punk roots make the whole thing pretty much fresh in a scene where everything is so standard and polished. It's a back to the roots of new wave attitude when impact and music were still overwhelming make-up. Horror Vacui from Bologna, Italy, are another good example of that, basically 5 punks on a new mission (oh, yeah, The Mission!). So obvious influences are Warsaw/early Joy Division, Skeletal Family, early Siouxsie, or Sisters of Mercy... yes, the Sisters most definitely, Horror Vacui are way more filthy, but guitar parts have an obvious influence ("Soldiers" for example) and vocals also, Koppa doesn't reach same Eldritch's depth of course but sings modulating in the same way. And why not, some genre cheesiness probably come to us from that side ("In darkness we all feel like... creatures of the night!"). Songs are very enjoyable and stick in my head, they have impact and catchiness, the guys luckily prefer listening to the Dead Boys rather than wasting time in clothing stores. The sound in general is not bad at all, I don't mean the recording (which is pretty much... home-made let's say, but it's just a demo), but the sound, under tons of reverb everywhere guitars are driving and bass pounding, that's another punk inheritage. Nothing new on the horizon, of course Warsaw/early Joy Division, Skeletal Family, early Siouxsie, or Sisters of Mercy did it better, and if you are afraid of discovering new bands stick to the originals, but Horror Vacui are refreshing and entertaining, so why not giving a try?


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