Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: While Heaven Wept
Title: Of Empires Forlorn
Format: CD
Label: Eibon (@)
While Heaven Wept are definitely a little to extreme for what Chain D.L.K. is devoted to. Eibon stepped out of their dark pathways to pick up some epic metal with orchestral and progressive influences. Power metal vocals, double kick, up-tempo drumming as well as doom tempos, huge strings and somewhat of a celtic/pagan influence. I haven't been listening to a lot of metal lately so there's probably better references, but you can probably get at least a vague idea if I tell you it's somewhere between Manowar (but way less cheasy), Meat Loaf (but less romantic), Bathory, The Soil Bleeds Black (but way more guitar oriented), Dream Theater (but less technical and less prog/fusion), November, Candlemass, Opeth and more bands like that. If it wasn't for the male vocals you could probably mention 3rd and the Mortal and the bands from that scene as well. Not too bad but not our cup of tea either.