Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Jeff Kaiser & Brad Dutz (@)
Title: The Order of Her Bones
Format: CD
Label: pfMENTUM
In the same type of packaging (folding cardboard with a rope holding it together) and the same free and improvisational spirit that characterizes Jeff Kaiser's other release "17 Themes for Ockodektet" (cmp review elsewhere on these pages), comes this "The Order of Her Bones" in tandem with Mr. Brad Dutz. 60 minutes and 12 songs and an incredibly impressive array of utilized instruments (Kaiser is content to play trumpet and flugelhorn but Dutz sports a humongous list of instruments in the range of 40-50 something, going from traditional acoustic ones to unpronounceable and exotic ones) make up for a record that knows no horizon in time and space, covering moods and grooves that if pinned on a map would extend from north to south and from east to west, eventually covering all the bases from traditional folk or tribal music all the way to what could be a mellow version of a Zornian trumpet concert or an experimental extravaganza of some minor collage noise artist... Most of all I keep thinking of some of Gregorio Bardini's records, or more like what a Bardini record would sound like if he was a percussion player... This record has all the answers it is set out to ask. Abstract and exotic, local and global, percussive and trumpetering, pioneering and heritage-conscious, rooted and way out there! Find it all out yourself and especially don't even try to miss out on this one if you are into weird percussion or anarchic brass instruments.