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Dir En Grey / The Birthday Massacre: 12 December 2011

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Live Act(s): Dir En Grey / The Birthday Massacre
Event Date: 12 December 2011
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Irving Plaza
Rated: *****
To pair the synthrock, goth industrial sound of Canadian-based band The Birthday Massacre with the hard rocking, Japanese metal of DIr En Grey was not a likely combination for the former's short tour after the August release of Imaginary Monsters EP, but it worked. Judging from the crowded show at Irving Plaza in New York City, though, the fans thought the combination was a good one.

The gothed-out Birthday Massacre started things off well with a blend of music from their past four albums and, of course, mixed in material from their latest EP. The band's outifis and sound would have been perfectly at home in a Tim Burton movie, and seeing the way the audience was decked out and dancing, it was clear that though this was the opener to Dir En Grey, which was incredibly well-received and played an impressively long set, the crowd was feeling Chibi and Rainbow's smooth vocals and the band's dark, danceable tracks.

The energy of the crowd for both bands was impressive, and it will be interesting to see what The Birthday Massacre records in 2012, as they are taking a break from touring to spend some time in the studio early this year preparing to release more material in the fall.


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