Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Chamaeleo Vulgaris (@)
Title: Reset
Format: CD
Label: Acheulian Handaxe (@)
Rated: *****
I had not heard of this project previously, but it is the work of Frederick Galiay on bass and Jean-Sébastien Mariage on guitar. The first track, PÅ«jÄ, is mastered incredibly low, making you wonder if this is going to be incredibly minimalist. When Skhêma kicks in with a single bass note it is startling because, if you are anything like me, you turned the volume way up to hear the previous track. Pshat gives a pretty good indication of what the rest of the album will sound like. Minimal improvisation with a fair amount of drone, scratches on the strings and the instruments, and sparse playing of the guitar and bass. Chod is a bit of a departure in that it is considerably more noisy than the others, but still far from a wall of noise that fans of MSBR and the like would call noise. Overall this is decent minimalist improv, but I must admit that it will not be spending a lot of time in my CD player. Evidently this is more of an installation piece, as described by the label: 'Both amplifiers face each other, both musicians are in the center, the public goshawk. The principle of the installation is to establish the most direct contact between the gesture and the sound, the string and the loudspeaker. The electric sound is an organic, acoustic matter in the full sense: guitar, bass and amplifiers (without any addition of pedals of effects or digital electronics), are not separated, but are the same instrument.' Maybe you had to be there. The album weighs in at about 64 minutes.


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