Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Utopia Banished: s/t

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Artist: Utopia Banished (@)
Title: s/t
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: selfreleased
Utopia:Banished is a Deutsch one-man project spitting out some angry ass distortion-loaded music with screaming vocals and straight forward industrial attitude. It all starts out like a Sonar or Dive thing but then adds down-pitched sampled metal guitar riffs (that for the pleasure of those who hate guitars are kept low enough not to bother anyone and pretty much act like added pressure), frantic electronics, industrial beats, treated and over-driven vocals. Myself, on the other hand, I love guitars on electronics so when the second song is about to start (with an equally exciting power electronics intro as in the opening track) and the scratching 6-strings get a little more dominant and pounding, I enjoy myself in the reminiscence of some of my favourite German old school aggro-industrial bands, like Die Krupps. The constant EBM-ish screamed vocals contribute to the violence and make sure (if need be, not that it did) that reminiscence is never confused with copying. When the short riff mayhem is over Chris moves on to Reznor-like whispering, soft disturbed electronics, padded beats and aleatory tension in the air. It's foreseeable that he's just gathering forces to launch the next sonic assault, a more down-tempo song big on analog sounds. More KMFDM/F242/Cat Rape Dogs/Borghesia can be found here and there but Chris shows his skills in never being redundant and instead moving on to a frenetic drum'n'bass beat that will make you remember what year you are in. When the piano wraps it up it gets darker and holier, with choruses, big chords, treated vocals and samples working up against his usual screaming performances. I hope that with my references I didn't give you the impression that there's lots of nostalgia involved, it's just a matter of feel. This is modern sounding stuff and it's good stuff, which carries around a certain national vibe that you'll like and recognize only if you were around for the glorious days. If you weren't give this a listen and prepare for the re-birth.