Monday, August 3, 2020
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The Pain Machinery: Auto Surveillance

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Artist: The Pain Machinery (@)
Title: Auto Surveillance
Format: CD EP
Label: Complete Control Productions (@)
Rated: *****
BLC Productions lies down since two years and the being of The Pain Machinery on Hungary's Advoxya-label has only lasted for one EP and one album. This all has been an unsatisfying situation for TPM-mastermind Anders Karlsson, so he decided to build with his partner Mattias Anger a new label named Complete Control Productions. Not too much surprising, that the label debuts with a new TPM release. "Auto Surveillance" acts like a huge EP release giving us a taste of things to come with the upcoming album release 'Surveillance Culture'. 14 tracks got included, featuring different remix works with own and foreign-band interpretations, plus two exclusive b-side tracks ('Twilight', 'Exit Strategy') only available on this EP, this Swedish Powerhouse-project offers an opulent dinner for their hungry listeners. Musically though, I am surprised in the most cases. I have studied the last TPM-album "Urban Survival" quite well, better said I definitely needed to spin it several times again after receiving this new EP. Although I didn't find a chance to review "Urban Survival" months before, I was again blasted by the hard, fast-paced and merciless driven sound environment and the raw energy, which it featured. Not too much of this raw energy can be discovered on this teaser-EP, and I must admit, that this surprises not only positively. The new compositions of Karlsson and his vocalist Jonas Hedberg draw a more-than-ever-before discovered minimal approach. Also Hedberg's voice sounds lesser biting, because it seems they have completely avoided it to integrate the often hailed, often banished fx-processing for the vocals. TPM goes old-school EBM, to reduce this 'new' sound outfit in a simple formula, and Jonas Hedberg's natural voice sounds here there a bit like Douglas McCarthy (NEP). Three tracks ('Hard Cash', 'Grinder', and 'Armed!') are taken from the upcoming album and got featured in various different remixes and versions. Some prominent remix contributors got invited like Jouni Ollila, the old-school veterans of The Weathermen (remix for 'Armed!'), Severe Illusion (Lo-fi brilliance on 'Hard Cash'), Necro Facility (offering a quite modern sounding interpretation of 'Hard Cash'), Testarossa, or Sebastian Rivas. Best track got manipulated by the both TPM protagonists themselves, 'Armed'¦ to the Teeth!' comes out with nailing DAF-like bass-line sequences and features several gunshot-samples, which mutate this track to a real dancefloor-shooter. Although the diversity of the different remixes as well as the quantity featured on this EP is appealing, this more minimal sound outfit including the removal of the beloved Powernoise inclusions can be a hard cake for the long-year audience.
Let's wait and hear what the album brings'¦


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