Friday, September 25, 2020
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Andro-Dioxin: Dioxin City

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Artist: Andro-Dioxin (@)
Title: Dioxin City
Format: CD
Label: Engraved Ritual / DSBP (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Unbelievable but true: the debut release of this Mexican one-man project stands for the anniversary 100th release of the Albuquerque-based cult-label DSBP. It also confirms a partnership to the new underground label Engraved Ritual, which is dedicated to bring out the most talented Latin American Dark Electro-/Industrial projects to the spotlight. I congratulate all involved people in advance; to survive with such a high number of releases in the shark-tank music-business is an outstanding job!
Andro-Dioxin is a newcomer hailing from Tijuana, which offers a raw Harsh-EBM sound outfit throughout this 41 minutes long album. Behind this project stands Evergoth Dioxin, he is responsible for all parts of production. Musically you'll the expected doze of the still club-leading Hellectro stuff. Andro-Dioxin is sounding very similar to the sound outfit one would expect from a Latin America-based project in this genre. The ideals are to name with known global players, Hocico and/or Amduscia must have an unbelievable big impact on the scene with its followers in this area. Good and useable stuff for club-goers, but generally it turns out to be repetitive and it misses authenticity. Andro-Dioxin still do not reach the target to create an own sound environment, although copying of already discovered music-paths works excellent with tracks like 'Transition' and the title-track. Good remix contributors got invited too, Proyecto Alienoxir and the up and coming talent Electrovot do their best, although they can't leave the global level of this release behind. By remembering the golden past of the DSBP-label regarding quality of releases a decade ago, this one shudders me a bit ' I may would like to have one of the best horses of the label stable with a new release to hit the number 100. However, Andro-Dioxin hasn't reached the end of the rope, so let's agree to continue and return with a new and more developed piece of work.


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