Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Title: With A Million Tear Stained Memories
Format: CD
Label: Projekt Records
Distributor: Projekt Records
BTFABG="Million Tear Stained Memories"Shortly after their latest, "Scavenger Bride" comes a comprehensive intro into this incredibly gifted group. Their sound has never been an easy intake for even those in the gothic scene, for it’s disregard of rules in the genre and it’s sheerly overwhelming sense of heart-breaking, melancholy emotion that even defies some of the biggest emotion seekers. But for those who enjoy music for it’s emotions, this group holds a goldmine of them! The older material dwells upon very lonely, confused and emotional times in the life of founder/Projekt president Sam Rosenthal, covering times of unattainable love, crushing heartbreak, constant isolation with constant thought of escape, and even at times self obsession. Their newer material covers a more sculpted mode, taking that past knowledge and covering the state of love itself, combined with some Kafka influences. This is short is gothic for the thinking man, and songs in celebration of both love itself, it’s transience, Sam’s powerful love for his wife Lisa, and the female in all it’s forms. As you may remember, I mentioned Black Tape’s CD "As One Aflame Laid Bare By Desire" in the forum as being one of my 5 all time favorite CD’s as well. Haha and I’m coincidently wearing my Black Tape shirt as well! The CD includes a new version of "Memory, Uncaring Friend", which brings to my mind the sound of Audra, an acoustic and wonderous version of "Could I Stay The Honest One?", and a 2000 version of "Overwhelmed Beneath Me". This CD oozes out classic after dark classic, though I’m kind of sad that "Given" and "As One Aflame... ... ." Didn’t get on here, but eh everyone has different thoughts on best of sets as to songs. Gladly "Russia" made it on here, another favorite of mine J. Hardened BTFABG fans like me also get taken back down memory lane, to isolated times filled with such beautiful melancholy and self-searching, to one of my most pivotal times in lyric and poetry writing spending hours listening to their music and simply sucking up the inspiration. And for those more laid back times, the second CD is filled with all instrumentals any Black Tape fan could ever need. Hearing the vocals of Oscar Herrara also is a treat we now miss (he left right after "As One... ..") listening to this, but it also gives us a retrospect into his captivating and unique vocal style (check him out in El Deundo, his new project). Add that to Lisa’s trancey flutes, Sam’s masterful ambient layers, and a cast of players carved out of pure classical genius and you have a force that changed the landscape of both classical and gothic music forever. This is highly recommended, though it’s limited, to anyone curious to the group’s sound, Projekt’s ideas, and anyone tired of listening to corporate gothic tripe bands who wants to learn what real gothic is supposed to sound like. Not to mention one of the greatest fucking bands to walk this earth ;-).Rating: 10. Also recommended are the Projekt 100 compilation, In The Nursery and older Clan of Xymox. Well, Das Ich too if you’re up for a more chaotic version of this sound.