Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Entropic Advance (@)
Title: Monkey with a Gun
Format: CD
Label: Symbolic Insight
Seattle KMLP i-radio Dj's Wesley Davis' and Casey Jones' 5th release is a great example of how parts of hostile glitch experimental extravaganzas can be combined with parts of spacey lounge electronics. Their temporal and structural underpinnings evolve around broken d'n'b fragments; their gluing manipulation involves ambient noises and progressive pads tweaking. Occasional odd field recordings and tv samplings render it all more tangible, like if they want you to keep in touch with real life. With or without those reminders it's easy to get carried away by the beautiful atmospheres by Entropic Advance, with their reverb-washed and soaked treated trumpet, their deep-end subsonic component, their tranquil and classy pace, their elegant and sophisticated chord sequences (when there is such thing as a chord sequence), their dreamy and disturbing alien beats and so forth. Interestingly the duo also get exciting when they sing to what they do (think of Roger Waters, Trent Reznor, Tweaker, Dream Into Dust, think vaguely...). A pleasant surprise that you should take into consideration.