Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Zeit Modelle (@)
Title: Network Virus Killer
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Datarocket Records
Distributor: Bandcamp
Rated: *****
Until recently (and after 30 years of listening and supporting electronic music) i was pretty sure that Richard Kirk holds the world record for both the most prolific electronic producer and the artist with the countless aliases (ok there's also Pete Namlook and a couple more to challenge him, but i'd definitely vote for Kirk if i had to ;)). I changed my mind when i met in cyberspace Kirill Junolainen, a half Russian/half Finnish (as his first and last name witness) electronic artist, based in St. Petersburg. He sent me a demo of only 4 tracks and he said that if i like them there's more stuff by his good self to share with me. Tunes were sooo great that i replied with enthusiasm and told him to send me all the tracks he had so i can listen to some more fine electronics. Kirill laughed and said that it was impossible to do so because he has written and produced more than... one thousand tracks! Christ! Of course i thought "the man's crazy or something" but he started sending material and the very next moment i had in my hard drive... 2 albums and 4 EPs by Junolainen, all under different aliases! Curious enough to see what this man was talking about i started to listen... I swear to God that until that day i had never listened to so many tracks in a row by one single artist without the need to skip at least one! Kirill told me he has been producing music since 1991 and once more i caught myself wondering how the hell such a great artist with 20 years of activity behind him wasn't already renowned outside the local scene of St. Petersburg and that of Murmansk (his native city, on the north-west of Russia, beyond the Arctic Circle).
I mean take a look at the man's discogs page ( 34 albums, 21 Singles & EPs, and we're talking only about his main project, Lazer Kontinent (once a duo-Igor Stepovy left in 2004)! And it's not only the quantity that's impressive (respect to Kirk, but he also did many... crap tracks, in my opinion); til now that i'm writing this review i haven't heard a Junolainen production, either electro, techno, italo-disco or chill-out, of low quality, believe me!
This release, 2nd on Kir's newly founded label Datarocket Records, is no exception. It gathers material written and produced between 2004 and 2007 and it focuses on the man's electro/techno-pop side. Heavily influenced both by Kraftwerk and early Warp, Kirill delivers a compilation of ultimate beauty, filled with danceable brain electronics. Every track is ace, however if i had to choose only one as my fav, that would be the hypnotic opener "Megatron Mensch" ("Megatron Man" in english, like the Patrick Cowley classic). I should also mention the excellent retrofuturistic "Komputerische Modelle" and "Logick" and the trippy Warp-ish "Kvadrat" (but the rest of the tracks are top quality too ;))
If you haven't already experienced the Junolainen sound, do yourself a favour and visit Datarocket's Bandcamp (where this and another 2 releases are available for purchase) or/and check the man's 3 releases on Binalog Productions and the Raw EP on Russian Techno. More to come as his bunker is full of sounds and noises, so stay tuned. This artist deserves your attention!


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