Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Type001 (@)
Title: Finished Business
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Glim Records (@)
Rated: *****
There are still some music projects existing completely under the radar, from which one could think, they've been gone into the happy hunting grounds of Manitou. Boston-based project Type001 can be called to them, during the last 5 years the web presence of mastermind Matt Ossen was more down than up. Lately discovered on Testube's remix EP 'Unintentional' with a remix, I thought to listen to one of the very last audio outputs of this highly talented artist. But now - and lesser surprising signed to Testube's label Glim Records - here comes an all new album. More than 7 years in the making, 'Finished Business' gives an overview of what has been produced by Matt in private, but still points out a quite important fact: Type001's sound outfit provides an own form of authenticity. A few tracks (the double-intro/-outro ''¦Made You Mine' / 'Made You Cry'¦') are picking up the mood of the marvelous debut 'Multi-Track Alignment', released by DSPB in 2004, as well as a few tracks have been released as alternative versions on the download-only follow-up EP 'Re-Aligned' (You need to know that this belongs on the "original version" of this download-able EP, which was available for a while from the Type001 website - Nowadays I guess there has been a reduction of the quantity of tracks for this freely download-able EP with the intention, not to obstacle the business activities for "Finished Business"...). But generally viewed, 'Finished Business' marks a step away from the rather Dark Electro-minded Industrial sound of the debut and moves towards by integrating more-than-ever-before musically different styles. There can be noticed a growing preference for IDM and post-modern Ambient styles, as Matt proves his abilities by installing slow and opulent sweeping synthesizer-sounds to execute moody and film scoring environments ('Alien World' with its slowly stalking rhythm components, or the oriental-sounding 'Residual Order'). "Who's Your Daddy Now?" is one of the very few, relative straight produced Dark Electro-minded tunes, which impresses through various fx manipulations on synth-sweeps - to me the favorite available on here. Matt's preference to integrate guest vocalists to help him out behind the microphone receives another episode with the versions of "Room For One" DJ Morgana), as well as with the track 'Put Yr Beats in Line ("You're Outta Line" mix)', a mutual track composed with his long-years' friend Matthew Skaves. This new album sounds more diverse, but also more introverted than before. Matt integrates a lot of different things mostly a bit away from the known path of his debut, which was to me more accessible to consume.