Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Pauk
Title: Snails 'n' Dragons
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Enpeg (@)
Rated: *****
Barcelona is not only home for one of the best soccer teams around, also some IDM/Electronica music-projects have found their home in this pulsating, Spanish city. Behind Pauk hides Pau Cabruja, who can look back on a few releases available on Discontinu Records, also based in Barcelona. His music combines the balance between nervous rhythmic excursions into IDM, Dub-Step, Breakbeat styles, various voice sample quells and relative catchy melodic installments, often presented with classic piano inserts ("The Snail"). There's often the try to unite these relative different moods, the hectic rhythm section, with the at times easy-minded melodic component. This has its best moments, if Pau decides to add a bit more spacey and futuristic sounds to his outfit, "Night On Irkutsk" is such an example. "Suite 30" also lets the heart jump with its detailed and layered synthesizer pads. According to the release info, "Snails 'n' Dragons" draws its inspiration out of fairytales, which Pau has been told as being a child. This can be discovered not only through cover and track listing, also some voice samples thrown in, from which some could be also his own voice, giving some insight. This album is pretty much based straight in its genre, so some experience and a favor for IDM genres of the listener is quite helpful. All in all a good download-able release for the Enpeg-label, the digital partner-section to the prominent n5md-label.


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