Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Lockweld: Industrial Requiem

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Artist: Lockweld
Title: Industrial Requiem
Format: CD
Label: Dragon Flight Recordings (@)
Somewhere along the lines of a record where dark meets noise, but not in the traditional dark industrial key, instead more like in the jap-noise key played on the darker side, with not as much piercing merciless distorted buzz and fuzz of Merzbow or Masonna but with the same intensity and a bloodier soul: that's what you can expect from Lockweld's "Industrial Requiem" CD. Banging and hammering on metals and scraps, sawing, flexing, screaming, burning and tweaking. You should try to check them out live, looks like their shows are a blast. The duo is formed by husband and wife, based in Ohio, and you can also listen to their power-noise at mp3.com/lockweld or check out their very nice-looking website and find out about their impressive discography, sporting a number of 7", CD, and compilation releases. Sounds like these two have been doing much more than usual in their bedroom, I'm just worried about their neighbors.