Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Veiled Allusions (@)
Title: Rosenkranz
Format: CD
Label: Dragon Flight Recordings (@)
One of the most active members of the darker scenes is Karsten Hamre of Penitent and Arcane Art. This ever prolific artist has been involved in a visual arts, music, poetry and so on and his latest project is inspired by Bernt Edvard Egeland's novella film "Rosenkranz" and might be one of the darkest he's accountable for. Incestuous and obsessive industrialized rhythmical patterns explored with the thought-out approach of a minimalist and the devoted solemnity of a ritualizer. The hellish atmospheres make for no happy ride and definitely take away the illusion of a happy ending right away. Not much place of change is left either, so prepare for long (maybe even too long sometimes) immersions into worlds made of slow evolution of simple but most daring and haunting atmospheres. Slowed down chain-factory and other machinery sounds create repetitive textures that make up for both sound and beat so don't expect any melodic lines or cheering acoustic instruments either. In other words be prepared to dive into this head first, expect the worse and don't say we haven't warned you. Only 4 tracks but really really long ones.


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