Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Helter Incendo + Hollowing + When Joy Becomes Saddness
Title: The Golden Age of Darkness II
Format: CD
Label: Dragon Flight Recordings (@)
This is a three way split CD between newcomer Helter Incendo (compared to Sephiroth, In Slaughter Natives, Protagonist), Hollowing (Rectrix records founder's project, also present on the recently reviewed three-way split CD "The Obsolete View") and When Joy Becomes Saddness (spelled that way on the CD so I guess that's the name of the band). The opener is about as diabolic and satanic as it gets, with its down-pitched backwards voices and sounds, breaths and whispers, dark-industrial mayhem, gloomy atmospheres and what not, a perfect soundtrack for a Polanski horror film. Hollowing is more into long suites of sinister sounds and minimal hypnotic beats, with occasional operatic vocals or other spoken/whispered material, continuous and cycling bursts of chaotic audio, a one-time-appearance classical guitar and other obscure material in theme with the title and the mood of this CD. The band with the unusual spelling (that already counts releases on Somnambulant Corpse, 26th Circle and Force of Nature) keeps the door to dark land wide open and draws out the path downwards with made-in-inferno murky and lumber material composed of windy analog synth knob-tweaking, sporadic distortions, prolix somber soundscapes with explicitly recited speeches about profane topics that would feel at home in Dante's. 7 tracks of dark industrial ready to go.


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