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Live Act(s): Peter Murphy / She Wants Revenge / The Hussle Club
Event Date: 16 November 2011
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: 9:30 Club (@)
Rated: *****
It was a damp night in DC, and even for a late show on a weekday, a good crowd (if not a full house) was already in place at the 9:30 Club as the first act went on, warming up the crowd for headliner Peter Murphy and She Wants Revenge.

The Hussle Club didn't disappoint - a newish band citing 'life' as its main influence, it got things going with a collection of fast-paced tracks that had people dancing even as most were wandering in or getting drinks. Listening to the quick tempo of the music and the gravelly vocals, it was clear that the 'Godfather of Goth' was probably a strong influence on the band's inspiration.

She Wants Revenge took the stage next and played a strong set, mixing the old favorites such as 'Tear You Apart' and 'These Things' with new material from their latest album Valleyheart, which came out earlier this year. With its hypnotic, penetrating beat and throaty vocals, the California-based band was a logical pairing with Peter Murphy and by the time they walked off the stage, the crowd was charged, if sweaty.

Peter Murphy's setlist and energy onstage was impressive, but the best thing about the show was the length of it; for such a seasoned, iconic performer, it would have been easy to play the usual mix of the most popular songs and call it a night. There were many hits that he did play, such as 'Cuts You Up' and 'I'll Fall With Your Knife' but he also performed others that one rarely hears in clubs anymore, a nod to longtime fans.

Tracks from his newest album, Ninth, released this past October, were also debuted at the show; 'I Spit Roses' and 'Uneven and Brittle,' are two especially good tracks off the album.


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