Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Wumpscut
Title: Music For A German Tribe/Preferential Legacy
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records/Beton Kopf Media
Distributor: Metropolis Records/Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut doing electro pop?!? Any Wumpscut fan would cringe at the thought, but don’t worry it’s Rudy’s old stuff on here. The song being "All Cried Out", which is bouncy, but me being used to Wumpscut’s rivet stomping industrial-goth gold, it’s kinda odd.This double CD set is an examination of his older days and some new goodies for the Wump Troopers out there, along with a completely German version of the classic CD "Music For a Slaughtering Tribe". You may remember the German track for Soylent Green" from the Electropolis 1’ compo CD (another classic) not too long ago, it of course being a more in tune version versus the English version. The German seems to fit the track so much better! You get all the essentials on this set, from a German version of gems like "Die In Winter" and the hidden track from Bunketor 7’ now revealed as "Red Water", written I’m guessing in memory of a lost friend of his. It’s always been one of Wumpscut’s most beautiful and entrancing tracks, and seems to have even more potency as a eulogy. One tends to forget that under all the Teutonic, blistering tracks Wumpscut does, Rudy also has the undeniable power to make cold yet emotional music, as well as his powers in programming and sequencing. I could go on forever about all this CD has... ... ... ... ... ... ... .A cover of Dive’s "God", the previously unreleased "Crang March", a good deal of his remix work (including the hard to find remix of Cleen’s "The Voice"), complete versions of tracks from Bloodchild’, and much more! Perfect for the newbie rivethead on your block, the ones curious to Wumpscut’s magic and even some goodies for the hardcore :W: collector. This and anything from Wumpscut is essential in any industrial collection, this is the evolution from the old Leatherstrip sound everyone was copying around the time this group started (they are strongly Leatherstrip influenced, but it definitely has it’s own edge and style). It can well be argued that this group saved industrial, as well as laid roots for bands such as Hocico and Cenobita. Bring the kids, and come feel the love and warmth that is Wumpscut! Haha!Rating: 10. PS, also watch for my interview with Rudy now underway. Also check our Issue #5 for an in depth interview with him.


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