Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Title: Rapture
Format: CD
Label: Ground Under Prods (@)

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Australia for us is kind a mistery. We think about it like a sort of mixture of Asia and USA with an unknown history and with misterious people and animals who reside there. Personally I know few bands coming from that land. I know also an Australian goth website (Aether Sanctum http://www.goth.org.au) and that's a sign that goth and electronic music have a following there too. From Melbourne (what a coincidence, it's where my uncle lives) arrives Resurrection Eve, an electro goth duo which to my ears sounds like a mixture of the last Covenant and O.M.D. with a goth touch here and there. A thing is for sure, their second CD RAPTURE will be a pleasant surprise for a lot of people. Well produced with good melodies and a training dance background: these are the highlights of this CD which musically isn't innovative but will appassionate the lovers of melodic e.b.m.