Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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SubSonic Symphonee: Images

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Artist: SubSonic Symphonee (@)
Title: Images
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: KDP Music Group (@)
Distributor: Automatic Distribution
SubSonic Symphonee is an Australian 8-piece who give us a little teaser preview of their forthcoming album "eXtreme eVolution" with this "Images" single, featuring the title track in six versions plus a video clip."Images", the song itself, is a pretty good electronic piece, with nice editing and a fast pace. A little bit of rough and lead guitars giving it that heavy edge, nice sounds, strong hammering beats, melodic and untreated vocals (a refreshing change), parts with female vocals and loops or darker synth layers... The end result is a pleasing example of a well done blend of electronics, techno, dark, synthpop and goth-metal.After the original and the radio edit, there are four clubby remix versions by Robert Cross, Dj Acid Reign, Dj TonyC and Dj Killavirus. With the first three remix versions you can totally get it on in venues with busy dancefloors and folks that love pounding beats. The last remix version is more into a sort of minimal trip-hop/dub thing of its own.