Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Title: gold
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
As I've wrote so many times, I'm not exactly the greatest fan of piano music and be it for the listening overdose of the instrument over the years or for some childish psychosis for classic music sometimes I really hate it, said that during the last years I've had the chance to listen to some really interesting piano-centered recordings and this fills in the category. A live recording for piano plus drum, a really good sound definition and what's more a brilliant performance where you can sense the incredible complementarity of this couple of musician. While Magda Mayas performs her piano "total body" using an incredible amount of tricks and sounds, Tony Brucks gets in and out of the crescendos, crosses the scenario with some quasi free drumming interventions but all using the light touch of a ballerina dancing on her toes. These two tracks are about forty minutes long compressively, in both of them lots is happening and follow the same screenplay, so you have quite parts, growing sounds, eruptions and slow downs at the same time the fragments are not so long you get bored when the cd is not over yet.


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