Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: ry-om III
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Both Tom Shelton and Ryo Ikeshiro play guitar and laptop and both are using feedbacks loops, together with some of the latest releases on this portuguese label it's mostly electronic music, but seen the essence of this work this cd could have been out on Touch records. Abstract sounds and soft drones generated through guitars, it's just with the second track that we have the introduction of some melody thanks to a processed acoustic guitar, but don't worry it won't last too much. This not an extreme release but the music is laptop based with an atmosphere that's fucking dead serious. As somebody else has already wrote they reach 'idiomatic ends that wholly justify their means' but aside from their intellectual satisfaction this cd is by some means listenable. The recording as you can imagine is nothing but top notch to this you've to add the two musicians work in a really complementary way and you know why I can truly say this record is interesting. Space is the place.


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